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GSO Test

Year 2- Oak class

Class Teacher: Miss Isabel Caballero  
Class TA/SEN Support: Mrs Ann Coulson

Our Year 2 teacher this year is Miss Isabel Caballero.  She will be well supported by Ms Kelly Kirkham


         Miss Isabel Caballero                                Ms Kelly Kirkham



Autumn Term


Easter - RE Week





National Science Day

In the morning, we had a class discussion answering the question, 'Why do we need Science?' which generated lots of lovely ideas! We also did two experiments. For our first experiment, we planted cress seeds and will be investigating which plant grows the healthiest and why over the next few weeks. We made our own predictions for this! In our second experiment, we added lemonade to skittles and watched how the food colouring and sugar dissolved, creating a wonderful colourful sight! 







Special Visitor for our RE lesson

For our last RE lesson of the term, we had a special visitor! We loved hearing about how our visitor worships as a Jewish person and we were very lucky as we got to see some of the special Jewish artefacts that we have learnt about this term, such as the tallit and kippah. What a great way to end our topic - thank you for visiting us and for sharing!


Trip to the Science Museum




Super Hero Day

Children in Year 2 had a Super Hero Day on Friday 2nd February. They made super hero slime, had super hero snacks, learnt super hero Maths and watched a super hero movie! What wonderful super heroes we have in Year 2!






Cultural Day




Art and DT - Building Tudor Houses



Great Fire of London













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