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GSO Test

Year 3-Olive class

Class Teacher: Miss Kylie O'Rourke   
Class TA: Ms Tania Mendes Pereira

Our Year 3 teacher this year is Miss Kylie O'Rourke.  She will be well supported by Mrs Ms Tania Mendes Pereira .


             Miss Kylie O'Rourke                                   Ms Tania Pereira       



OLIVE CLASS  acted out the last summer using some toasted bread and wine (cherry squash). We acted out the last supper and thought about how Jesus and each disciple felt. 


Learning about Chocolate

Year 3 have been learning about chocolate this term and in Art and DT we have been looking at healthy treat options. We called our treat a fudge mellow delight. We used digestive biscuits, marshmallows, golden syrup, currants and popcorn, we poured over melted chocolate and mixed it all together then placed it in the fridge to chill. 





Visit to Harleyford Community Gardens



Cultural Day




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