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Year 4-Palm class

Class Teacher: Mr Andrew Rogers  
Class TA/SEN Support: Mrs Sahar Baroudy

Mr Andrew Rogers is our Year 4 teacher this year and he is accompanied by Mrs Sahar Baroudy.          



             Mr Andrew Rogers                                     Mrs Sahar Baroudy     

Ancient Greece Day

To finish off our topic on Ancient Greece, Year 4 dressed up and had a day full of fun activities related to Ancient Greece. Amongst other things, we tasted a variety of Greek food, wrote playscripts and acted out Greek myths and painted our own Greek pottery. I’m sure you’ll agree that the children looked fabulous!










Healthy Eating

Thank you Ms Sahar for the delicious vegetables meal cooked with Year 4. Who said that veggies are boring?






Ritz Cinema school trip

On Thursday 2nd November, Palm Class visited the Ritzy cinema in Brixton to see a performance by the Brixton Chamber Orchestra who performed a programme of comedy silent movies with varied orchestral soundtracks. The orchestra focussed on films made by British film-makers from the 1910’s and 1920’s, screening some with their original scores, some with new commissions, and others with soundtracks improvised by members of BCO. They were joined by a live narrator who provided commentary and character voices. The children had a wonderful time and much laughter was had by all.




Cultural Day



Eat the Rainbow





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