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Year 4-Palm class

Class Teacher: Mrs Helen Mullen  
Class TA : Ms Justina Marku

Mrs Mullen is an experienced teacher who also leads Music and RE. She is accompanied by Ms Justina Marku.                                                                            


          Mrs Helen Mullen                       Ms Justina Marku     



  Year 4 Class Timetable

                                                   Art Work at the river                                            



Reverend Steve came to speak to Year 4 about his vocation to be a Vicar. We found out the Reverend Steve used to be a teacher and lived in Uganda and Tanzania. He helped us understand that God has a plan for all of us and God communicates with us in different ways





Termly Bulletins

Year 4 Class Bulletin Autumn Term 1

Year 4 Class Bulletin Autumn Term 2