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Promising New Teacher Award In Lambeth

    This award is in Memory of Toby and Milly Savill (Reverend Steve and Rebecca Coulson’s Daughter and

  Son in law), who were both young teachers in Lambeth schools that tragically died in an accident in Greece in April 2019. 

 We were absolutely delighted that Kimberly Stewart was one of the winners.  It is a massive achievement   and we are very proud of Miss Stewart.  It is particularly special that one of the teachers at St Mark’s won   this award as Rev. Steve is our Chair of Governors and is such a wonderful support to St Mark’s.                    


    Miss Stewart is a very deserving winner of the
Promising New Teacher Award. 


    Miss Stewart won the award due to her enthusiasm, positivity and passion for teaching and learning. 

 Also the wider contribution she has had in Lambeth.  Miss Stewart has been involved in the Raising the Game’s Aim High events which motivates pupils from Caribbean backgrounds. She delivered presentation to groups of children about her education, career and journey.

 This was the feedback Miss Stewart received from the children after the event:

“Kimberley Stewart inspired me to become a teacher.”
“The teacher inspired me the most.”
“I learned everyone can have a good job. I want to be a surgeon but I was inspired today to be a teacher. It was perfect”
“I learned that you can be anything you want and no one can stop you, the teacher taught me that.”