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Friends of St Mark's

(Parent School association)

We are very pleased to announce that Friends of St Mark's is now the school's official parent and staff association.  During the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 12th April 2016, we adopted a constitution and elected committee members to fulfil leadership roles within our newly formed PSA.  All parents and carers of the school are members and the success of FSM will largely depend upon the support of parents across the school, so please get involved.  Please have a look at the constitution below, which outlines the aims and purpose of Friends of St Mark's (FSM).


Our FSM Officers who were unanimously elected are:

                                                    Viola Oliv  - Vice  Chairperson

                                                    Patience Nyaggise - Secretary

                                                    Edinah Tibeihaho -  Treasurer 

We are all very excited about the potential that our new PSA has to generate parental involvement in raising money that we can use for the children across the school. Friends_of_St_Marks_Constitution_2016.doc


Many thanks