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Hello Reception Class! I hope you are all well. Miss Rose, Miss Samiya and I are thinking of you all everyday.

You have all worked really hard over the last few months -  learning how to write your names independently, reading and writing numbers and words/sentences, adding simple numbers, learning all of your sounds and letter names - please continue to practise these as much as you can. I can't wait for you all to show me all of the fantastic learning you have been doing when I see you again.

Stay safe and hopefully see you soon!

Miss Stewart

(Scroll down to the green boxes to check out your weekly home learning tasks - updated every Monday)


Counting Song

We sing along to this video at the start of each maths lesson everyday, practising to count forwards and backwards and recognising numbers


Letter and Sound Recognition

We sing along to this video at the start of each literacy lesson everyday. Each time a letter appears, the children call out the letter that they can see. There is also another version on YouTube which has both uppercase and lowercase if you feel your child is confident with this video.



Tune in everyday at 9am on YouTube where Joe Wicks is delivering a live PE lesson for children whilst they are currently off school. Grown ups can join in too (I speak from experience!)

Click the blue button below which will take you to your daily PE lesson:

PE with Joe

The children were also used to frequently taking part in a Cosmic Kids Yoga Session which they all thoroughly enjoy.

Click on the following link which will take you to one of the videos, You can also have a browse through the page to see if there are any others that your child may like:

 Cosmic Kids Yoga

Collective Worship

Sing along to your favourite hymns at home:


 St Mark's Kennington YouTube



a) Sound out the following words and say them aloud to your grown up;

- park

- farm

- shark

- card

- barn


Draw a picture to match each word OR create a sentence that uses each word

Challenge: Can you think of anymore words that have the 'ar' sound? How many can you think of? Create a sentence and/or a picture to match your words.


b) Click on the following link to revise phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. The children will need to read the word on the coin and decide whether it is a real word and belongs in the treasure chest, or if it is a fake word and belongs in the trash. Your children should be confident with the rules of the game as we play it quite often in our daily phonics lessons. 

Buried Treasure



Halving and Sharing 

Draw images to help you answer the following questions:


a) Ally the Ant has collected some stones for his baby ants to play with. He has collected 8 stones altogether and has 4 baby ants. How many stones will each ant get?


 b) Rosie Rabbit has brought some yummy carrots home for her family. There are 5 rabbits in Rosie's family and she has brought home 10 yummy carrots. How many carrots will each hungry rabbit get to eat?


c) Meridith and her brother Max have been given a bag of sweets for helping to tidy up the house. In the bag are 7 sweets, can they share 7 sweets between them? 


Click on the following link to practise doubling numbers to 10. This will also test your memory too, it's very tricky! Can you do it?




One of our topics for this half term is People Who Help Us.

Watch the start of this episode of Super Geek Heroes before responding to the tasks below. (This video is about 30 mins long but all of the information you need is in the first 3 minutes. However, feel free to watch the entire episode if you have time)

Super Geek Heroes - People Who Help Us

a) Make a list of all of the jobs that the Suzie mentioned. Can you think of anymore people who help us? Add them to your list if you can. 

b) Draw a picture of someone who helps us. This could perhaps be a doctor, firefighter, nurse or maybe a police officer. Label your picture by writing who you have drawn beneath your image.

c) Give the person you have drawn a name and you write a letter to them to say thank you for helping our community? What is their job? How do they help us and what should we be thankful to them for?



Click the yellow button below to watch the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem and then respond to the questions below:

 The Story of Easter - The Triumphal Entry

a) How do you think the people felt when they saw Jesus ride by?

b) Have you ever seen anyone important pass you?

c) Imagine you are in the crowd watching Jesus ride by. Design and make a palm leaf and wave it while shouting 'Hosanna'. 


All done with your home learning?

Make use of free online resources: 

Please see below a number of useful links that I use in the class for interactive learning on the board. These two sites have a range of maths and phonics activities that children can get on with independently




Twinkl are also offering parents of children in schools which are closed, or facing closure, free access to all Twinkl resources for a period of one month.

Go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer , register and enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS to find fantastic games and resources for continued learning at home.

Classroom secrets - Classroom secrets have added a free learning home resource pack for each year group - https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-home-learning-packs/

Free Audible audio books For as long as schools are closed, we're open. Children everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. https://stories.audible.com/start-listen