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Year 3 Home Learning

 Email: obuchanan@st-markscofe.lambeth.sch.uk


Welcome to the Year 3 Home Learning Page!

Work for Reading, English and Maths will be uploaded on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can also find activities for Topic, RE, Science, PE, Art, PSHE and Collective Worship under the Other Subjects tab, which will be updated weekly. You can do these in any order during the week, but you may also want to follow our school timetable. Other activities and websites can be found under the Free Online Resources tab.

Year 3, I am so proud of you all! Please try your best with your work, but don't stress! Spend time playing, reading, drawing, cooking, talking to your family and resting!

If you want to send me your work, have prayer requests, or any questions at all, please email me at obuchanan@st-markscofe.lambeth.sch.uk.

See you all soon!

Miss Buchanan

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Home Learning

Easter Learning

Dear All,

It is now the Easter Holidays! Well done for all your hard work over the past few weeks. I have put an Easter project for you to do over the holidays, as well as some RE work that you could complete during Holy Week. I will also put up some activities for if you get bored! Please also continue reading and practising your times tables and spellings. 

Even though it is the Easter Holidays, we will still have our class Zoom call on Mondays. I will also be calling you all on the phone on Thursdays. Continue to email me if you have any questions.

Well done Year 3!

Miss Buchanan

Easter Project

This is a Geography project for the children to complete. It can either be done in exercise books, or on the computer. On our first Zoom call next term (20th April), we will share our work with each other.

Yr 3 Easter Project

Helpful websites for the project:


RE Work

Here is some work that we would have completed at school during RE week. You may want to complete the work on each day of Holy Week:

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Writing Palm Leaf Template Sing Hosanna song

Reading and Spelling

Remember, you can get e-books and audio books for free online - look at the links in the free online resources tab.

For spelling, I would like you to look at the Year 3 and 4 Spelling List. You can find the words on the spelling frame website - Rules 25-27 under Year 3 and 4:

Spelling Frame

Easter Activities

  Here are some Easter Activities that you could try if you get bored!


  Week 2

Monday 30th March

Good Morning!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend, and are ready for another week of online school! I have put Reading, English and Maths work below, and a new set of activities under the Other Subjects tab.

I am really looking forward to seeing you this afternoon for a Zoom call at 2.00 pm! School has texted or emailed your parents the link. If there are any problems getting on, please email me.

Reading and English

Start by reading or listening to Chapter 3 of Dick Whittington. Then, answer the Thinking Caps questions in your exercise book.

Dick Whittington Reading and English

After that, have a go at the writing task - describing Mr Fitzwarren's kitchen. There is a checklist for you to self-assess your work when you have finished.

You may want to use these sound effects to help you with your writing:

Kitchen Sounds

Reading and English Sapphire Group:

If you want to have a go at the Dick Whittington work, please do! Otherwise, you can try the activities below:


Sapphire: Parent's InstructionsSun Hat Fun Ebook 


Speed Sounds 'ee' 'ee' words spelling activity


Todays Maths is looking at tenths. You can start by watching example video (Week 1 Lesson 3, Tenths):

Maths Video Blue Group Maths Video

Then, complete the work for your group:

Green and Orange Pink and Yellow Blue

If you finish, have a go at the challenge:

Tenths Challenge


If you have any questions at all, please email me.

I am so looking forward to seeing you (on screen) this afternoon!

Miss Buchanan

 Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning! 

Reading and English

For Reading today, I would like you to read Chapter 4 of Dick Whittington, and then answer the Building Blocks Questions. Use the video below to help you remember how to use speech marks.

For writing, please write a prediction of what will happen next in the story. More instructions are on the sheet.

Dick Whittington Speech Marks Video Reading and Writing

Sapphire Group

If you would like to try the work above, please do! Otherwise, you can start by reading Nog in the Fog:

Nog in the Fog 

Then, complete the spelling and writing activities:

English Sapphire Instructions Speed Sounds 'igh' 'igh' Spelling Activity


Today we are learning how to count in tenths. Watch the video below to help you (Week 1 Lesson 4, Blue Group Week 1 Lesson 3).

Example Video Blue Group Example Video

Then, try these questions:

Green and Orange Pink and Yellow Blue Group

If you finish quickly, try the challenge:

Maths Challenge

 Friday 3rd April

Good Morning!

Reading and English

For Reading today, please read Chapter 5 and 6 of Dick Whittington, and then find the meaning for the vocabulary words.

For Writing, we are doing a Free Write! Please use the inspiration picture and questions to write a story, description, instructions or an information text.

Dick Whittington Reading and Writing


Today we are looking at how to show tenths as decimals. Watch the video below (Week 1 Lesson 5, Blue Group Week 1 Lesson 4).

Maths Video Blue Group Maths Video

Then, try the questions for your group:

Green and Orange Pink and Yellow Blue Group



I have created a new answer tab, where you can find answers to Maths and Reading work for the past two weeks.

I will be phoning each of you today, to say hello, and to see how you are getting on with your work, and if you have any questions. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Miss Buchanan 

Week 1

Monday 24th March

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Welcome to Online learning! 


For Maths, I would like you to have a go at these addition equations. When you are finished, you can have a go at the extension!

Green and Orange Pink and Yellow  Blue



Please read the first chapter of this ebook. We will answer some questions on this later in the week.

Dick Whittington Ebook

Free Write

Inspiration Picture

Use the picture above as inspiration for a free write!


Wednesday 28th March

Good Morning!

I hope you are all well! Today I have uploaded some Reading, English, Maths and RE work. I have also made a section called Other Subjects, which has ideas for Topic, RE, Science, PSHE, Art, PE and Collective Worship. You may want to follow our school timetable, but you can also do these in any order during the week.

If you want me to see your work, have prayer requests, or if you have any questions at all, please email me at obuchanan@st-markscofe.lambeth.sch.uk.

 See you soon!

Miss Buchanan

Reading and English

For our Reading and Writing today, we are going to continue to look at the story of Dick Whittington. You can read and listen to the story online by clicking the button. After, answer the text and talk questions for reading, and then have a go at writing a character description for Dick.

Dick Whittington E-Book

Reading and English Instructions


Today I would like you to try these addition equations, using carrying. You can draw place value counters to work them out, or use column addition. If you finish, you can try the challenge!

Green and Orange Group  Pink and Yellow Blue Group Challenge


Our RE topic is looking at the story of Easter. Today, I would like you to remind yourself of the story. Then, retell the story, either through writing it down, drawing or telling the story to someone!

  You can also use the pictures of the Easter Story found in your Home Learning Pack

 Friday 27th March

Good Morning!


For Reading today, I would like you to read Chapter 2 of Dick Whittington, and then answer the Word Detectives Questions.

Dick Whittington Ebook Reading Questions


Once you have read Chapter 2, have a go at writing a letter as if you were Dick Whittington. I have given you an example paragraph for ideas, but please don't copy! Try to add in expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective noun) and alliteration.

Friday 27th March English


Today we are going to be revising unit and non-unit fractions. There is an example video which you can watch to help you:

Unit and Non-Unit Fractions

Then, complete the work for your group:

Green and Orange Pink and Yellow Blue

Complete the Challenge if you have time:


Other Subjects

When you have finished your Maths and English, have a look at the Other Subjects Tab, which has activities for you to try for this week. 

Please do send any finished work to my email - I would love to see it!

Miss Buchanan





Other Subjects 

Other Subjects:

Other Subjects wb 23.3.20

Other Subjects wb 30.3.20


Joe Wicks is doing PE every morning at 9am https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1

You might also want to have a go at some yoga


Collective Worship

If you would like, I have made a playlist of all the songs we sing during collective worship at school. You can find the link on our home learning page.

 I have found a great Bible devotional on having courage during the coronavirus : https://douglastalks.com/be-brave-and-be-wise/

I will be praying for all of you over the week! If there is anything in particular you would like me to pray for, please email.



Reading Answers 23.3.20 - 3.4.20



Maths Answers

Blue Group Answers

Challenge Answers


Maths Answers

Blue Group Answers

Challenge Answers


Maths Answers

Blue Group Answers

Challenge Answers


Maths Answers

Blue Group Answers

Challenge Answers


Portuguese and Spanish Resources











 Free Online Resources

FREE online resources

In light if the current Coronavirus outbreak, many places are offering free resources to help children, parents and schools with home learning. See a collection below.

Home Learning Packs

  • Twinkl are offering parents free access to resources - register and use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS

  • Classroom Secrets have added a free learning pack for each year group.

  • BBC Bitesize has games and videos for all subjects. Go to the KS2 section of the site.


  • AudibleFree audio books available to stream. Spanish books also available!

  • Oxford OwlLots of e-books available for all levels.

  • Storyline OnlineLots of picture books read aloud by actors.

  • Scholastic MagazineSome very interesting non-Fiction articles.


  • GrammaropolisSome fun grammar and punctuation videos.

  • Once Upon a PicturePictures and questions to inspire your writing.

  • Spelling FrameLists and games for all the Year 3 and 4 spelling rules.

  • Phonics PlayPhonics Play has made all their games free. Use if your child is still practising phonics.


  • TT Rockstars for practising your times tables - 3s, 4s and 8s.

  • Topmarks Maths has lots of maths games to practise key skills.

  • White Rose is offering home learning packs, with clear example videos.

  • Sumdog Sumdog’s games engage children in personalised maths, spelling and grammar practice.

 Collective Worship

 Other Subjects