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Year 6 Home Learning

 Email address: jbowerman@st-markscofe.lambeth.sch.uk

Friday 17th July

Morning Year 6,
This will be the last entry on the home learning page. It's been wonderful to see so many of you this week at the Leavers Service and in school. I hope you all have a really lovely Summer break and a great start to your time in secondary school. Make sure you come back and visit St Mark's in your new uniform when you get a chance. I am available over email so please do keep in touch.
Reflection on the year.
As a final activity, I thought it would be lovely for you to complete a reflection of your time at primary school. This could be a collage of pictures or photos or you may want to write down some of your memories. Try to keep it somewhere safe so you can look at it in a years time and be reminded of all the happy times you've had at St Mark's. 
Summer holidays
I hope you have lots of lovely plans over the holidays. The Oak National Academy has lots of activity clubs with ideas for the holidays if you're looking for a way to keep busy. I'm sure your secondary schools have also sent you some activities so make sure you complete them before September. 

Thursday 16th July

Morning Year 6,

Only a couple of days left until the Summer holidays so make sure you keep up with some work until then. 


Follow the link below to watch an assembly all about Science. Professor Robert Winston is there to answer questions from primary school pupils. 

Science Assembly



It is really important that you read for pleasure over the Summer holidays. Sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge below to help you record how many books you read. You can win prizes, play games and find out about lots of interesting books. 

I've also included a link to the CLPE recommended reading list from last year so you can discover some new books. 

Summer Reading Challenge

CLPE recommended books


Wednesday 15th July


Thank you to everyone who came along yesterday, it was a lovely evening and so good to see everyone. 



Today, I would like you to read the short story 'The Cave' again and answer the questions below. 


The Cave Questions



Today you need to complete Lesson 2 on Circles. Make sure you watch the video carefully and answer all of the questions on the worksheet. 

Lesson 2 Video Circles

Worksheet Lesson 2 Circles



LO: To write an informal letter

Today we are going to learn more about Katherine Johnson, who also worked as a computer at NASA. She was a very busy woman. 

Once again, Donny will take you through the lesson step by step and today you will be writing a letter to Katherine to give her some friendly advice. 



For D.T today you are going to complete a texture treasure hunt. You'll be finding different textures around your home. 

Texture Treasure Hunt



It is really important that you stay active over the Summer holidays. Make sure you enjoy the sunshine (fingers crossed) and play some sport in a local park or go for a nice long walk. 

Today I am setting you the challenge of getting outside to do something active for at least 20 minutes. You could walk, run, cycle, jump, skip or play a game. 


Tuesday 14th July

Good morning,

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of you this evening. It should be a lovely service. 

For Art today, you need to create a front cover for the information text you've been creating on the Maya Civilisation. 

Front Cover Activity

Monday 13th July

Morning Year 6

This is your last week in Year 6 and whether you’re at home or in school, we’ll make sure that we have a lovely week. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Leavers Service tomorrow at 3:45pm in St Mark’s Church.



This week you are going to read a very short but tense story called 'The Cave.' You need to read the story carefully and answer the questions below. Make sure you answer as fully as you can. 

The Cave Short Story

The Cave Questions



This week we are going to focus on shape and space in Maths. Todays lesson is on drawing nets of 3D shapes. Watch the video below before you complete the worksheet. 

To start with, I want you to complete the arithmetic questions below as a warm up. 

Warm Up Arithmetic Questions

Video Lesson 1 - Drawing 3D shapes

Draw nets of 3D shapes worksheet



LO: To write a formal persuasive letter

Today you are going to learn about another inspirational woman, Mary Jackson. Your task is to write a persuasive letter to the judge so that Mary can attend the school she needs to. Once again, Donny will take you through each step on the video and will give you some persuasive sentence starters that you should try and use in your work. 



As it's our last week, I've written you a letter to look back on the year and some favourite memories from Year 5 and Year 6. Your task today is to write a reply and I would love for you to email them to me or bring them to the Leavers Service so I can read them. 

I've included some photos below to remind you of some of the trips we've been on. 

A letter from your teacher


Summer 2 Week 6



Friday 10th July 

Morning Year 6,

We are coming towards the end of your project on the Maya civilisation and this week you are going to learn about the Maya number system. 

First of all explore these slides to help you understand Maya numbers. 

Maya Number System

Next, you need to use this information to write the next page in your information booklet. 

Maya Number Task

Finally , have a go at the Maths challenge below. See if you can become an expert in Maya maths. 

Maya Maths challenge


Thursday 9th July



I am hoping that lockdown has been a chance for you to do lots of reading. I'd love to hear about some of the books that you've enjoyed so I'd like you to fill in the book review below. Today is also a great chance to sit down with a good book as you don't have as much work to complete.

My Book Review


Memories of St Mark's

At the leavers service on Tuesday we want some of you to share memories of your time at the school. These memories can be from any year and might be of a trip, a topic you learnt about or a school event. 

So far children in school have written about CYE, War Horse, a trip to the London Eye in Year 2, China Day in Year 3 and our week at Into University this year. 

Try to include as much detail as possible when you write your memory down and bring them along on Tuesday. 


STEM Challenge Week 4

STEM Challenge Walking Horse

STEM Challenge instructions


Wednesday 8th July

Hello Year 6,

It's been lovely to see lots of you in school this week and I'm looking forward to welcoming more of you back today. I hope that everyone will be able to make it to our Leavers Service next Tuesday, it should be a lovely way to celebrate your time at St Mark's. 



Read through the prologue from ‘Fenn Halflin and Fearzero’ and answer the questions below.

Fenn Halflin and the Fearzero

1. Where does Tomas decide to hide the key?

2. What does Tomas say to try and reassure Maya?

3. What are the Terras dressed in?

4. How do the Terras describe Seaborns?

5. Why does Chilstone decide to take Tomas and Maya with him?



This week our focus is on statistics and today you are going to be looking at pie charts. You need to complete each part of the lesson below including the worksheet questions and the quiz.

Maths Lesson - Interpreting a pie chart



LO: To use a range of noun phrases to write about a character

We have been reading Hidden Figures about four amazing women who worked for NASA. Today you are going to focus on Dorothy Vaughan and the type of person she was. Your aim is to describe her character using powerful adjectives and abstract nouns. Donny will take you everything you need to know in video below.



This week we are going to look at a new topic in Science - Sound. Complete the lesson below as an introduction to the topic. 

The features of sound lesson



Handwriting worksheet


Tuesday 7th July

Morning Year 6,

This will be the last week of our art project so I want you to be creative and draw something from your own imagination. You can use the artists we've learnt about as inspiration or you might want to draw something that's inspired by lockdown. Good Luck!

Art Task Week 6

Monday 6th July

Good morning Year 6, 

I hope you had a lovely weekend. We only have two weeks left until the Summer holidays. I'm happy to say that we will all get to see each other at the Year 6 Leavers Service on Tuesday 14th July at 3:45pm at St Mark's Church. You should've received an email with all the details. 



This week I'd like you to read through the prologue (pages 7 - 14) from the story 'Fenn Halflin and the Fearzero.' When you find the words below in the text, underline them and see if you can write your own definition for them. Then put each one in a sentence of your own. 

Fenn Halflin and Fearzero extract

Tendrils - 

Prohibited -

Reverberated -

Gelatinous -

Confidant - 



For the last two weeks of term, we will be focusing on statistics in our Maths lessons. We will revise line graphs, pie charts and today will be a chance to go over finding the mean. Remember, these lessons include activities for you to complete in your workbook and the quiz at the end will help you see how much you've learnt. 

Interpret mean as an average lesson



This week you are going to continue to look at the book 'Hidden Figures' and Donny from the Literacy Tree will take you through each part of the story. 

LO: To use a range of sentence types to write an advert

Today you are going to help NACA/NASA to recruit new members by writing a job advert. 

You need to make sure you include different types of sentences (statements, commands, exclamations and questions). 

Watch the video below and pay close attention to the shared write that Donny completes. 



This week I'd like you to look through these slides to remind you of some of the similarities and differences between primary and secondary school. 

Transition to secondary school

Then, I would like you to write a letter to your new form tutor who you'll be meeting in September. Make sure you introduce yourself and the things that you like. You should also write about the things you're looking forward to in secondary school and the things you're feeling a little bit worried about. 

E.g. To my new form tutor, 

My name is _______ and I'm looking forward to joining ________ school in September. I'm really looking forward to...



To practise your spellings, have another go at this game. Make sure you choose the Year 5 & 6 words and then you can either practise the patterns  or the tricky words,. 

Look, Cover, Write, Check

Summer 2 Week 5

Friday 3rd July

Morning Year 6,

I'm looking forward to seeing more of in school next week. If you're not able to come in, I'll be calling this afternoon to see how you're getting on. 

We are also organising something for Year 6 in the last week of term and will be sending out more details. 

History Project

Today, you will be carrying on with your project on the Maya Civilisation and looking at Mayan Sports. Remember that each page you do should be added to your information book at the end of this term. 

Mayan Sports Worksheet

As an extra challenge, you need to try and design a sports kit that a Mayan team might wear. 

Mayan Sports Kit Challenge

Thursday 2nd July


I hope you're all having a good week. 

500 words

If you were in school this week, you'll know that there is a new 500 words competition. It is looking for children's stories inspired by Black Lives Matter and the events going on around the world. The competition is only open until tomorrow, so if you want to submit a story, you'll need to try and write it today. The story can be about anything you want it to be. 

Here are some suggestions from their website:

What role models do you have – can you explore their background? You could unlock your imagination through creating your ideal role model or superhero who fights for justice. This is your story and you and your characters can be anything you want them to be.

* You could create a fantasy land very different to our own. Got a dream for yourself, your friends, family and communities? Now’s the time to put that dream into words!

* How have you seen the world change, and how has your community got involved?

Below is the website where you can find out more information and the link to submit your story. Good luck!

500 words competition

Submit your story


STEM Challenge

Below is this weeks STEM challenge for you to try at home. This week you are trying to make your own marble run and I'd love to see some videos of your finished work.

STEM Challenge - Marble Run


Wednesday 1st July

Hello Year 6,

It's been lovely to see lots of you in school this week. Everyone will be working at home for the rest of the week so make sure you email me if you have any questions. 



Today you need to read through the extract from Sky Chasers again and answer the questions below. 

Sky Chasers Chapter 1

Word Detectives

1) Why is one part of the town described as 'The Nest'?

2) How does the author describe Madame Delacroix? 

3) How does Madame Delacroix persuade the narrator to steal the box for her? 

4) Why is some of the text written in italics?

5) What is the narrator going to use the five gold coins for?



On Monday, you learnt how to work out the area of a triangle. Today, you are going to revise classifying triangles. Follow the link below to the lesson on the Oak National Academy. Remember, for each lesson there is a quiz, a video and a worksheet so you need to complete each part. 

Classifying Triangles Lesson 



LO: To write a non-fiction report

On Monday, you started on a new book called Hidden Figures. If you were in school on Monday, you may want to have a look at the video from Monday which will introduce you to the book. 

Today, you will research some more information about NASA and write a non-fiction report with the facts you learn. Imagine you are creating a website and you need to fill it with interesting facts. 

The video below takes you through each task, you can pause it when you are completing a task. Complete the tasks in your workbook. 



Today in Science, I'd like you to have a go at one of the practical experiments below. You will need an adult to help you find some of the ingredients though most of them can be found around the house. 

Once you've set your experiment up, you'll need to do it in an outside space because some of them will be messy. You may need to wait until later in the week when you have some adult help. 

Make sure you record your observations afterwards. How did the materials react with one another? If you were to do it again, what would you change?

Remember you only need to choose one. 

Science Experiment Orange Fizz

Science Experiment Making a Volcano

Science Experiment Lava Lamp



Complete the worksheet below in your workbook. Take your time and focus carefully on the joins between letters. 

Handwriting Worksheet


Tuesday 30th June

Morning Year 6,

Today we are continuing to look at famous artists from the around the world. This week we are going to focus on a Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian. He is most famous for his abstract paintings using primary colours. I'd love to see your finished pieces so please email them once you're done. 

Piet Mondrian Art Task


Monday 29th June

Morning Year 6, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We only have three weeks left of this term so make sure you're keeping up with the hard work. Thank you to those of you who have been emailing me with work. 



This week I would like you to read the first chapter of Sky Chasers by Emma Carroll. As you'll be able to tell from the first chapter, this is an adventure story. Read through the extract then try to write your own definition for the words below. Remember to put each one in a sentence. 

Sky Chasers Chapter 1

Law-abiding - 

Omen - 

Draught - 

Clammy - 



Last week you revised area, perimeter and volume of 2D and 3D shapes. Today you are going to look at something we haven't done before, finding the area of triangles and parallelograms. 

The link below will take you to a lesson on the Oak National Academy. It has a quiz, a video and plenty of activities you can complete in your workbook. This is a new topic so make sure you're listening carefully. 

Calculate the area of triangles and parallelograms



Today you are going to start a new book, Hidden Figures, which is a true and inspirational story. 

Firstly, watch the video below that will introduce to the book and your task for today. You might recognise Donny who often comes to work in our school. 

Monday English Task Hidden Figures



For P.E today, see if you can spend some time away from the computer and do an activity outside. You could go for a nice long walk or a jog or challenge yourself to one of the activities below. 

Home exercise activities



Last week you started a transition booklet to help you think about moving onto secondary school. Try to complete as much of the booklet as possible today, you can complete the activities in your workbook. 

Transition Booklet 2020


Summer 2 Week 4

Friday 26th June

Morning Year 6,

History Project

For the next page in your information book about the Maya Civilisation, you will be writing about Mayan beliefs and gods. 

Remember, you may need to do some more research online, but you need to complete your work by hand. By the end of this term you should have your work from each week to put together and make an information book on the Mayans. 

Mayan Beliefs and Gods Task

Guide to Mayan Gods



For an extra task today, try to draw a portrait of one of the Mayan gods you've learnt about. Use the descriptions in the Guide to Mayan Gods to help you understand what each god would look like. 


Thursday 25th June



Today, there are a couple of options for you to choose from for reading. The 500 words competition has recorded the winning stories for 2020 so you can listen to  them below. Remember they were all written by children and they are read by some famous faces you might recognise. You can also carry on with JK Rowling's online story, The Ickabog. She is publishing a new chapter every day so there is plenty to read. 

You don't need to write anything though they may inspire you to write your own story. 

500 words winning stories

The Ickabog

STEM Challenge

We have another STEM challenge this week and it's all about building structures. You can use materials you have in your home. 

Week 2 STEM Challenge

Wednesday 24th June


Morning Year 6,

 It's been lovely to see lots of you in school this week and to speak to the rest of the class on the phone. I will continue to put work online each day so make sure you're checking and please send me a sample of your work over email. 

Remember, if you do decide you want to come back to school, you need to fill our a short form. The link to the form is on the newsletter that Mr Ingram sends out each week. 


Read through the first chapter of Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods before answering the questions below.

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

Word Detectives

1. How does the author describe the God Gaia? 

2. What other problems did Chaos create?

3. Who are Gaia and Ouranos' children?

4. Why does Gaia decide she must kill Ouranos?

5. Why does Kronos decide to volunteer for the task?



Today you are going to revise finding the volume of a 3D shape. You need to watch the video for Lesson 4: Volume of Cuboids. Remember, the formula for finding volume = length x width x height.

Complete the worksheet below and try the extension if you have time.

Video Lesson 4: Volume of Cuboids

Worksheet Volume of a Cuboid

Volume Extension Worksheet



For our last lesson on the Highwayman you will become a reporter and write a report on the events in the poem. I’ve included the animation to remind you of the story before you write your newspaper article. 

Monday English Task The Highwayman



In R.E this week we are going to think about faith and trust. This is a chance for reflection and to consider what faith means to you. 

R.E Task Faith



Complete the lesson below from the Oak National Academy on representing particles in solids, gasses and liquids. Make sure you listen carefully because this isn't a topic we've covered this year. 

Science Lesson - Solids, Liquids and Gasses


Tuesday 23rd June


Today we are continuing with our Art project for this term by looking at another artist, Faith Ringgold. We have looked at her work before and her children's book, Tar Beach. As always, I would love to see some of your art work so please send some photos. 

Faith Ringgold Lesson


Monday 22nd June

Morning Year 6,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and you're looking forward to another week of work. Remember to email me if you have any questions or there is something you're finding difficult. 



For reading this week I'd like you to read the first chapter of 'Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods.' It's a great way to learn about Greek mythology. 

Read through the chapter then write a definition for the words below. Try to put each of the words into a sentence. 

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

Solidified –

Consciousness –

Brutish –

Sumptuous –

Exiled –



This week, we are revising area, perimeter and volume. Today you will be completing Lesson 1 - Area and Perimeter. There is a video to help you before you complete the worksheet. 

Lesson 1 Video - Area and perimeter

Area and perimeter worksheet



This will be our last week looking at the narrative poem, The Highwayman. Today you will be looking at some of the vocabulary that might be unfamiliar to you. Remember the poem was written a long time ago so the language we use has changed. Your second task will be to rewrite part of the poem in your own words. Below is an animation to remind you of the story of the poem. 

The Highwayman Monday Task



We are going to continue to think about your move to secondary school in September. Below is a transition booklet that we'll be using over the next three weeks. Today, I want you to read through pages 1 and 2 on 'What is Transition.' I then want you to complete page 3 on 'Feelings about Transition.' You don't need to print the booklet, just write the answers in your workbook.

Transition Booklet 2020

Summer 2 Week 3

Friday 19th June

Morning Year 6,

If you are not coming into school next week, I will be ringing you this afternoon for a catch up. I'm also looking forward to seeing a few more of you next week. 

History Project

Today you will continue your project on the Maya Civilisation. Your next page in your information text will be on the food they ate. As an extra challenge, have a go at making some Mayan hot chocolate over the weekend. 

Friday History Task - Mayan Food

Mayan Hot Chocolate Recipe

Thursday 18th June


I hope you're all well. There are a few activities below for today but you should also have time to catch up on work or complete some work from the workbooks you have at home. 


Try to join the Oak National Academy assembly from 10am. Today the Duchess of Cambridge will be the special guest and she'll be talking about kindness. 

Kindness Assembly


J.K Rowling has written a new story and she has been publishing a new chapter on her website each day. It's called 'The Ickabog' and there are already over 30 chapters that you can read. Below is a link to chapter 1. Some children have been drawing illustrations for the story and sending them to her. Why not have a go at drawing a picture to go with one of the chapters. 

The Ickabog Chapter 1

STEM Challenge

Every Thursday, I'll be posting a STEM challenge that the whole school will be having a go at. This week, it's all about making paper aeroplanes. It would be great if you could take some pictures and videos of your aeroplanes and send them over. 

STEM Challenge Week 1

Making the Best Paper Aeroplane

Wednesday 17th June

Morning Year 6,


On Monday you answered questions about Harriet Tubman. Today I would like you to complete the reading comprehension below. 

*You only need to read pages 1 and 2 then answer the questions on pages 3 and 4. You don't need to read the other pages.

Harriet Tubman Reading Comprehension



Today you are going to revise a topic that we’ve covered in Year 5 and 6, converting between different units of measurement. The video will help you revise before you complete the worksheet and I’ve included  conversion charts below to help you. You need to watch the video for Lesson 3 - Convert Metric Measures. 

Lesson 3 Convert Measures Video

Lesson 3 Worksheet

Conversion Chart



Today you need to read through or listen to the first part of the story again. The Highwayman is a wanted man and King George’s men are on their way to find him. You can use the description of the Highwayman from the poem in order to help you with a Wanted poster.

The Highwayman Wanted Poster



In R.E we have been thinking about things that inspire us, including religious texts. Today you are going to reflect on your time at St Mark’s and the memories that might inspire you in the future.

Wednesday R.E Task

Tuesday 16th June


This week we are learning about the life and work of L.S Lowry, a British artist who often painted scenes of industrial towns in the north of England. 

LS Lowry Art Task

Monday 15th June


Morning Year 6,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We have another week of work ahead of us and this week we will continue to think about your transition to secondary school.


Your reading task is a little different this week. Firstly I want you to read this extract from ‘Great Women who made History’ on Harriet Tubman. Then I would like you to watch the video below where an actor plays Harriet. Once, you’ve both read and listened to information on her life, answer the questions below.

Great Women Who Made History

Harriet Tubman Video

Word Detectives

1. What was the ‘Underground Railroad’?

2. Which free state did Harriet reach to become a free woman?

3. Why did she start guiding people in Canada rather than the U.S.A?

4. In what year was slavery abolished in the United States?

5. What did Harriet do during the American Civil War?



This week you will continue with the work we started on algebra. Remember to listen to the video carefully and read each question through twice if you’re finding it tricky. Today you are completing Lesson 1 – Solving 2 Step Equations.

Lesson 1 - Solving 2 Step Equations Video

Lesson 1 Worksheet



Today you will continue to look at the poem, The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. Listen carefully to the video and complete the task below. The poem was published over one hundred years ago so it might take you a while to get used to some of the language.

The Highwayman Task



Today we are going to continue to think about moving onto secondary school.I want you to consider what some of the similarities and differences will be between primary and secondary school. First have a look at this page on BBC Bitesize and then try to write a list of similarities and differences. Circle the differences that you are feeling a little worried about.

Secondary School Website



Today you are going to continue your Spanish lessons by describing the weather. 

Describing the Weather in Spanish

 Summer 2 Week 2

Friday 12th June


Today we will be continuing with our History project on the Maya Civilisation. Firstly, you will be completing the first page of your information booklet. Try to complete this on paper so you have some time away from your computer or screen. Once you've finished, have a go at the second task where you'll be designing and making a traditional Mayan mask. 

Mayan Information Book Task

Mayan Mask Activity

Mask Template

Thursday 11th June

Morning Year 6,

This week we started to look at ‘The Highwayman’ which is a classic poem. Today you have the chance to explore some more poetry.

First, you can listen to other classic poems read by actors below:

Classic Poetry

Next, explore the poetry archive where you can explore hundreds of poems:

Children's Poetry Archive

Lastly, read through this copy of ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carrol. We’ve looked at it before in teaching of reading and we tried to translate some of the nonsense words in the poem. Today, have a go at illustrating the poem by drawing pictures and images that you think of when you read it.



Wednesday 10th June


Hello Year 6,

I hope you’re all having a good week. It's been lovely to see some of you in school and great to receive work from those working at home. 



Read through the extract from ‘Lily and the Rockets’ and answer the questions below.

Lily and the Rockets

1) How are boys and girls treated differently at this time?

2) What impression do you get of Miss Hogweed from the way the girls talk about her?

3) What do you think Lily means when she says she still heard her mum singing?

4) What do you think they make in the Arsenal?

5) How does the author build suspense at the end of the chapter?



This week we are looking at algebra and simple equations. This work can be quite challenging but have a go and I’ll post the answers tomorrow so you can check your work. Today you need to complete lesson 2 on ‘Forming Expressions’. Listen carefully to the video and complete the worksheet.

Lesson 2 - Forming Expressions Video

Lesson 2 Worksheet



Today we are starting a new text, 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. It is a narrative poem first published in 1906. 

LO: To retell the main events in a story

Today you are going to watch two performances of the poem. Your task is to try and draw a simple comic strip with the main events in the poem. It's your choice how many events you include in your comic but you need to make sure it tells the whole story. 



Today you are going to continue with the work you did last week and look at a lesson on 'Which organisms lived during each era of time?'

Which organisms lived during each era of time?



Complete the worksheet below on spelling words with silent letters.

Silent Letters Worksheet


Tuesday 9th June

Your focus for art this week is the Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. She has become famous for her spotty paintings and installations. Today you will be creating your own spotty pictures, make sure you send some photos once you're done.
Monday 8th June

Morning Year 6,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and you’re ready for another week of work. As you know, some children have started coming into school for part of the week but plenty of you will still be working at home.


Today you need to read through Chapter 1 of ‘Lily and the Rockets’ by Rebeca Stevens and answer the questions below.

Lily and the Rockets

Word Detectives

1) How does Lily find out about her Mum?

2) How do the girls feel about finishing school?

3) What does Lily say she enjoys about being a goalkeeper?

4) Name two differences between Lily and Amy?

5) When is this story set? How can you tell?




This week we will be looking at the first steps of algebra and solving simple equations. Lesson 1 is on ‘Finding a rule.’ Pay close attention to the video and then complete the worksheet below. I will put the answers up at the end of the week.

Lesson 1 Video - Finding a Rule

Lesson 1 Worksheet



This will be your last lesson on King Kong. To finish off, I want you to write your own ending to the story. I will share the ending from the book but I want you to see if you can come up with an alternative ending.

Monday English Task  



 For Music this week, have a go at the lesson on composing music using found sounds.

Composing Music Lesson



Complete the worksheet below to practise your presentation and handwriting. 

Handwriting Worksheet

Summer 2 Week 1

Friday 5th June

History Project

Morning Year 6,

For this term, work on a Friday will be a little different to before. Each Friday, you will be working on a History project on the Mayans. The aim is for you to become an expert on the topic and you will be writing your own information text by the end of the project. 

This week you will be researching the topic. You need to record the facts and information in your own words. Make sure your notes are detailed because you will be using them throughout this term. You should aim to memorise at least 10 facts. 

Good luck!

Maya Civilisation Research 

Your research should take up most of your morning if you do it thoroughly. If you do have time left, remember to keep up your work on Times Tables Rockstars and Spag.com. 


Thursday 4th June

Book Club

Everyday BBC Bitesize has a daily book club lesson for Year 6. Extracts from a book are read aloud and there are some questions and activities to go with these extracts. Today have a look at this one about 'The London Eye Mystery.'

Daily Book Club 



Follow the link below anytime from 11am to watch the latest assembly from the Oak National Academy. They usually have special guests to help them with their theme for that week. 

Weekly Assembly 



This time away from school is a great opportunity to do more cooking at home. I've attached some recipes below, see if you can have a go at one of them over the next week. I'd love to see some photos of any cooking you do. 

Cheese and Bacon Scones 

Chicken Fajitas 



Wednesday 3rd June

 Morning Year 6,

I hope you're all well and keeping up with the work. Remember, you can email me with questions or your work to check over. 


Read through the extract from ‘Way Past Winter’ again and answer the questions below.

Way Past Winter

Word Detectives

1. How long has the winter lasted for?

2. What is Pipa tired of eating?

3. What does Geir bring with him for Sanna?

4. What does Mila wear to stay warm outside?

5. How does the author leave you on a cliffhanger at the end of the chapter?



Today you will be looking at finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. There is an extension activity if you finish your work in time. I will post the answers at the end of the week so you can check through your work.

 Lesson 2 Video Equivalent FDP 

Worksheet - Equivalent Fractions, Decimals and Percentages  

Extension Worksheet



Today you will become an agony aunt and help one of the crew members from Carl Denham’s ship.

English Task Wednesday 



This week in R.E we are starting a new unit where we will look at what influences us including holy texts. Complete the task below and make sure you include illustrations in your work.

R.E Task Wednesday 



For Science this week I'd like you to complete the lesson below from the Oak National Academy. This lesson is on different animal kingdoms and it's a chance for you to revise the work we completed earlier in the year. Remember our trip to the Horniman Museum where we got to see a huge range of interesting animals. 

What are the different animal kingdoms?

Tuesday 2nd June

Morning Year 6,

On Tuesdays we always focus on Art and this term we will be learning about a different artist each week. This week we are learning about Henri Matisse. Have a look at the task below and take your time to create a wonderful piece of art. I would love to see some photos of the finished result. 

Henri Matisse Lesson

Monday 1st June


Morning Year 6,

I hope you all had a lovely break and you’re ready for our last term. Though some of you will still be working at home this term, we will all focus on your transition to secondary and make sure you’re ready for the next step.


This week you need to read through the extract below from ‘The Way Past Winter’ and write your own definition for the words below. Remember to put them in a sentence as well.

Way Past Winter Chapter 1

Abandoned –

Superstitious –

Insistent –

Intricately –

Heaved -



This week, we will revise converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. There is a video for you to watch first before you complete the worksheet. Today you need to complete Lesson 1 on Fractions to Percentages. 

Lesson 1 Video

Worksheet Fractions to Percentages



This will be our last week looking at the story of ‘King Kong’ written by Anthony Browne. Kong has taken Ann and now a search party have gone after them.

English Task Monday 



As you know, this is your last term before you move onto Secondary School. This term will be a chance for us to think about what this change will be like and answer any questions you have.

The website below has lots of information and videos on secondary school. Today I would like you to watch a few of these videos and write down a list of questions you have about moving on to secondary school.


E.g. What will I need to take with me?

       Which clubs will I be able to take part in after school?

        Which subjects will I study there?

Half Term

Half Term
Hello Year 6,
I hope you all had a lovely weekend. This week is half term so your main job is to relax and take a break from work. Hopefully you'll be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine too. 
If you're looking for some activities to keep you busy, you could try one of the activities on the Oak National Academy website. I've included links to some of them below but the 'Activities Clubs' section on their website has lots more for you to try this week. 

Summer Term 

Maths Answers
Friday 22nd May

Morning Year 6,

This is our last day of work before half term. I will be posting a few ideas for activities to keep you busy next week but make sure you have a rest and enjoy the week. 

We are making preparations for some children to return tp school in June. I will be ringing some of you this afternoon to confirm whether you'll be able to come back. 



Read through the extract from Alex Rider again and answer the questions below. 

Alex Rider Extract 

Thinking Caps

1. Why do you think the threat level for the air show would be moderate?

2. Which three adjectives would you choose to describe Dragana?

3. How do you know that she has prepared for the mission she is on?

4. Why did her gun go unnoticed when she went through security?

5. How do you think Alex Rider will become involved in this story?



Today you will be focusing on dividing decimals. Again you have a video to help you and a short extension if you have enough time.

Later today I will post the answers to Maths this week so you can check your work.

Dividing Decimals Video 

Dividing Decimals Worksheet 

Maths Extension 



Today I want you to retell the story of King Kong that we’ve read so far. This will be an extended piece of writing so take your time and make sure you plan it carefully. You can complete it over half term if you don’t have time today.

English Task Friday   



Complete the lesson below on saying how you feel in Spanish. You can impress me when we talk next. 

Saying how you feel in Spanish 



These online music lessons allow you to use your own interactive drum kit and keyboard so you'll be able to compose and record your own songs. 

Music Lesson


Thursday 21st May



Thursday is a chance for us to read and listen to stories. Hopefully you have a few books at home that you're enjoying but there are also plenty of ways that you can enjoy stories online. 

The Roald Dahl YouTube channel has lots of great videos to explore to learn more about his stories. At the moment, a host of famous faces are reading James and the Giant Peach. You can watch episodes 1-3 already and a new one will be posted each day. 

James and the Giant Peach 

You may also want to explore the Roald Dahl website which has some ideas for things to do indoors. 

Roald Dahl Website


Wednesday 20th May
Hello Year 6,


I hope you all enjoyed the art yesterday. I would love to see some pictures of your work if you're able to send them. 



Today you need to read through the extract from Alex Rider again and answer the questions below. 

Alex Rider Chapter 1  

Word Detectives

1. Why was Dragana come to the air show?

2. What was she carrying as she entered the air show?

3. Why did Dragana decide to accept the job she was offered?

4. What makes the Super Stallion special?

5. Why do the security men let Dragana go through to see the Sergeant?



Today you will be focusing on multiplying decimals. Remember to watch the video before you complete the worksheet. 

Video Lesson 2 - Multiplying Decimals 

Worksheet Multiplying Decimals 



Today we finally meet King Kong! Listen carefully to the next part of the story and complete the task below. I'm hoping you'll all show that you can be the next David Attenborough.

Wednesday English Task


This is our last week on our project on South America. To finish off you have a lovely task to help you learn the flags  of each country. Use the template below if you're able to print it off. If you can't, you can draw a simple outline of the continent. 

Geography Task Flags 

Blank Map Template 



For spelling practice this week you need to complete the worksheet below on homophones. Remember, these words that sound the same but have different meanings. 

Homophones Worksheet


Tuesday 19th May
We are finishing our work on South American artists by looking at the Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. 
Monday 18th May

Hello Year 6,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and a break from work. One more week of work and then you get a break for half term.


This week we will be focusing on an extract from one of the Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz. Today you need to read through the extract (Page 9 – Page 26) and try to write a definition for the words below.

Alex Rider

Vintage –

Smouldering –

Inevitably –

Transmitting –

Unfathomable –



This week we will be using the White Rose resources again and there are some helpful videos each day to remind you of the skill you’ll be working on.

Today you will be revising multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. There are four pages on the worksheet below. If you are finding the skill tricky, complete pages 1 and 2. If you’re feeling more confident, complete pages 3 and 4.

Maths Video Lesson 1 

Worksheet - Multiply and Divide by 10, 100, 1000



Listen carefully to the next part of King Kong on the video below and complete the activity on word classes. 

English Task Monday 



 Complete the lesson below on adaptation to revise how animals are adapted to their environments and how this relates to the theory of evolution.

Adaptation Lesson 



Use your workbook to copy out the handwriting sheet below. I'm happy to see that you're taking care with presentation when you are sending work. 

Handwriting sheet

Summer Term Week 4

Friday 15th May

Morning Year 6,

I will be calling this afternoon between 1pm and 3pm. I'm looking forward to speaking to you then. 


Today you can read the first chapter of Harry Potter and see if you can answer the questions below. 

Chapter 1

Thinking Caps

1. What impression do you get of Mr Dursley? Use the text to support your answer?

2. How do you think Mr Dursley feels when he starts to see strange things on the way to work?

3. Why is Mr Dursely nervous about telling Mrs Dursely what he's seen and heard?

4. Why does Dumbledore want to leave Harry with his Aunt and Uncle?

5. How do you know the Dumbledore and McGonagall think differently about Voldemort?



Todays lesson is on solving coordinate problems. Hopefully the work you've done so far this week will help you to find missing coordinates. 

Problems involving coordinates lesson

Try these tricky problems if you're feeling confident after you've completed the lesson:




Today you are going to change the tone of your writing and become a tour guide for Skull Island. It's tough to persuade people to visit an island with a monster on it so good luck!

English Friday



 Today you will be continuing with the work we started last week on Islam and completing the lesson below on the month of Ramadan. 




This email was sent to everyone earlier in the week and it would be great for some of you to take part. You can sing, mime or just dance to part of the song. 

Dear Parents and Carers, 
The children of St. Mark’s have been invited to take part in a collaborative music video where they will sing a song called ‘Looking to the Rainbow.’ This song has been composed by Nick and Becky Drake to help raise our spirits during the Covid 19 Lockdown. Many schools across the country are taking part and we hope many of our talented students will get involved. 
Here is an example video from The Blue Coat School:
To take part, children will need to learn the song and be filmed singing it while wearing their school uniforms. This recording will then need to be sent to Miss Brockwell (lbrockwell@st-markscofe.lambeth.sch.uk) who will put all the recordings together to make a video for our school website. 
If you would be interested in taking part, here are the steps: 
1)    Email Miss Brockwell to receive details of how to upload your video.
2)    Learn the song off by heart.
3)    Wear your school uniform.
4)    Record yourself singing in portrait mode. Not landscape.
5)    Make sure you are listening to the song while wearing headphones so you will only record your voice and not the backing track.
6)    As you start to record, you will need to CLAP on the 4th beat of the 2nd bar – you will hear the voice over cue say 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4. You MUST clap on the 4th beat so that we can synchronise all of your fantastic voices at the same time. (There is a video to help you with this.)
7)    The backing track you will need to download can be found here: https://worshipforeveryone.com/looking-to-the-rainbow (Make sure you download the ‘Backing track + calls’ option).
8)    It will also be good if you can turn the grid mode on in your camera settings (this will make sure all of you are in the same eye line in the final video) and have a lamp shining on your face with any curtains closed so that we can see your wonderful faces.
9)    Don’t forget to smile!
10) Finally upload your final video file. You will be given details for this once you have emailed your interest to Miss Brockwell. 
DEADLINE: Monday 18th May2020.


Thursday 14th May

Collective Worship

St Mark's Church have started their own YouTube channel where you can watch Sunday worship each week and hear a new chapter from 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' every day.

St Mark's Kennington 


A couple of weeks ago, you listened to some shortened versions of Shakespeare plays. The video below is a great way to learn more about some of the plays he wrote.

Shakespeare Unplugged

500 words

As you know, the 500 words competition asks children to write their own original stories. Follow the link below to hear the winners from 2020. There were the winners aged 10-13 so many of them will be your age. 

500 Words

Wednesday 13th May

Morning Year 6, 

Thank you for the emails I've been receiving with your work, our work gallery is looking great. I will be ringing everyone on Friday afternoon so I look forward to speaking to you then. 



Listen once again to the Harry Potter extract and answer the questions below. You’ll have to listen carefully to find the answers.

Harry Potter Extract

1) How does the author describe Mrs Dursley in this chapter?

2) Why were they worried about the Potters visiting their home?

3) How does Mr Dursley know that something peculiar is happening? There are a few different unusual things that you could pick out?

4) What is Albus Dumbledore wearing when he arrives in Privet Drive?

5) How does Harry arrive in Privet Drive?



Today you will be continuing with the work you’ve started on coordinates. The lesson today is on translating shapes on a grid.

Translating Shapes Lesson 

If you are feeling confident and you have time, the extension below will help you to practice this skill. 

Wednesday Extension 



Today we have arrived at our destination, ready to start filming. The focus for today is on describing a setting and I want you to build a tense atmosphere. 

English - Skull Island



Today you are going to become travel guides for one of the countries you've been learning about in South America. You need to create a bright and informative travel brochure. 

Travel Brochure Task



For Music today, you will be focusing on singing with feeling and learning about some famous singers including Bob Marley and Nina Simone. 

Music Lesson - Singing


Tuesday 12th May


Today we will continue to look at South American artists. This week we're focusing on Romero Britto from Brazil who founded the Happy Art Movement. His work is a lot of fun so I'm hoping to see some very uplifting pictures from you all. 

Romero Britto Art 



Another way to stay positive is by singing. The Oak National Academy focused on wellbeing in their assembly last week and it included a sing-a-long with the West End cast of the Lion King. 

Singing Assembly


Monday 11th May

Morning Year 6. I hope you had a lovely, long weekend. 

Phone calls will take place this Friday 15th May. We are also working on sorting out Microsoft Teams so that we'll able to meet on there. 


For a change this week, I’d like you to listen to Chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone read by Daniel Radcliffe. You will be answering questions about it this week so listen carefully!

As your challenge for today, write down five things that you learn about the Dursleys from this first chapter.

Harry Potter Chapter 1 



This week, you will be working through some of the Maths lessons on Oak National Academy. This week the topic is Coordinates and shapes. Each lesson includes a quiz, video and activities to complete.

Coordinates Lesson 1 - Video and Activity 

For your extension today, have a go at this coordinates game. Challenge yourself to four quadrants if you're feeling confident. 

Coordinates Game 



This week, we will continue to focus on ‘King Kong’ by Anthony Browne.

Today we will look the next part of the story, when they are on their way to film this exciting new movie. Watch the video first to hear the next part of the story. 


English Lesson - Using dialogue  



You’ve all been doing lots of work on your computers but it’s been a while since we worked on coding. Try this lesson on BBC Bitesize to revise algorithms and debugging.

Debugging Lesson 



Remember that Spag.com is a great way for you to revise the work we've done this year on punctuation and grammar. I have set a new test recently and lots of you have other tests for you to complete.


Summer Term Week 3

VE Day

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, celebrated on VE Day. People across the country will be celebrating from home. 

Watch this video to learn more about this important day. 

VE Day Video

Have a go at designing a poster to put on display in your window. 

VE Day Poster

This booklet also has lots of suggestions for ways to celebrate including songs, dances and recipes. 

VE Day Activity Pack

Video Message

Here is a video message from the staff at St Mark's to tell you how much we miss you and remind you to stay positive!

Thursday 7th May


Read through 'A House Without Walls' one last time and answer the questions below. 

A House Without Walls

Thinking Caps

1. How does Safiya feel about moving to Jordan? Use evidence from the text to support your answer. 

2. In what ways does she feel boys and girls are treated differently?

3. Why do you think Safiya started talking about her twin when she was 7?

4. Why is it dangerous for her father to be a lawyer?

5. What impression do you get of the city of Damascus? Use evidence to support your answer. 



Today , you will continue to look at ratio with Lesson 3: Introducing the ratio symbol. Remember, that the videos can be found in Week 1 towards the bottom of the website.

Lesson 3 Worksheet Introducing the Ratio Symbol Video

Have a go at the extension questions to see how much you’ve learnt this week.

Ratio Extension Questions



Today we have found our actress! Listen to the next part of the story and complete the task below. This should be a longer piece of writing, so try to email it to me and I will send you some feedback. 


English Thursday



As lots of you will know, Muslims around the world are currently celebrating Ramadan. To help us learn more about this important time each year, we are going to learn more about Islam over the next few fews. Complete the lesson below on BBC Bitesize. 

Introduction to Islam



I hope you're all staying healthy and keeping fit during this time. Try to spend a bit of time doing some exercise this afternoon. Joe Wicks has had to break because of an injury but he has a great substitute teacher leading his classes. 


Wednesday 6th May


Read through the extract from ‘A House Without Walls’ again and answer the questions below.

A House Without Walls

Word Detectives

Chapter 1

1. Where are Safiya and her family living now? Why have they moved there?

2. Why was Saba taken away from Safiya?

Chapter 2

3. What are the secret police in Syria called?

4. What does her Dad say Safiya must say about the government?

5. How does Damascus change after the Civil War begins?



Today, we will continue with our work on Ratio. To find the videos for this week, you need to scroll down on the website to find Week 1. Today we are looking at Lesson 2 on Ratio and Fractions.

Lesson 2 Video Ratio and Fractions Maths Worksheet Wednesday 

If you finish the worksheet, have a look at these videos and activities.

Ratio and Fractions extension 



We have now started on a new book, ‘King Kong.’ As you probably remember from last time, the director Carl Denham is looking for an actress to star in his new movie. Today your task is to help him by writing an advert.

English Wednesday 



We are continuing our work on South America by looking at some of the important physical features and landmarks you would find in the continent.

South America Lesson 3



Follow the link below to a Spanish lesson on introducing yourself. We can practise when we are back in school. 

Spanish Lesson - Introducing Yourself

Tuesday 5th May

Collective Worship

St Mark's Kennington are on YouTube and you can join with their worship or even listen to a chapter of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' each day. 

St Mark's Church YouTube Channel



This term our focus is on Latin American artists and this week we are looking at Joaquin Torres-Garcia from Uruguay. I would love to see some of your art work once you've finished it so please send in a photo. 

Tuesday Art Task



Monday 4th May


Read through the extract below from ‘A House Without Walls’ by Elizabeth Laird. See if you can write your own definitions for the words I’ve listed and use each one in a sentence of your own.

A House Without Walls

Ext: Can you think of 3 questions you would want to ask the main character?

Refugee –

Panic-stricken –

Mutinously –

Rebellious –

Repression –



During this week in Maths, we’re going to look at Ratio. The Maths work last week was quite tricky so well done for putting so much effort in. Lesson 1 today introduces the language of ratio so don’t worry if you don’t feel confident with ratio questions yet. Make sure you watch the video before completing the worksheet. The ratio videos are in Week 1 of the home learning activities on White Rose. 

Using the language of ratio - Video Lesson 1 Worksheet 


We are moving onto a different book today, King Kong by Anthony Browne. Watch the video below to hear the first few pages of the book.


King Kong Lesson 1 



Today you are going to be revising a Science topic we covered in Year 5. You need to watch the videos on the Solar System and complete the activities at the bottom of the page. Let's see how much you can remember from our Science work last year.

Solar System lesson



Please complete the handwriting sheet in your workbook. You don't need to print it out, just copy it straight into your book. 

Handwriting Sheet

Summer Term Week 2

Friday 1st May

Happy Friday Year 6. I will ring round this afternoon to make sure you're all well. Thank you for the work you've been sending through.


Flood World

1) How long do you think London has been flooded? Use clues from the text to help you.

2) What does Mr Colpepper think of the two children?

3) How does Joe feel about diving underwater?

4) Why did people have to start swimming deeper to find something to scavenge?

5) What do you predict will happen in the next chapter of the story?



To finish this week, I’d like you to complete lesson 3 on Problem Solving. These are multi-step problems which can be quite tricky but the video will help you to see how you can break it down into steps to solve each problem.

If you're feeling confident, try the problem solving worksheet from Lesson 4 as your extension. 

Lesson 3 Video Problem Solving worksheet Problem Solving Extension


English - Free Write

As you know from school, a Free Write is an opportunity to be creative and write whatever you like. Watch the short animation below called ‘Against Time’ and use it as inspiration for a piece of creative writing.

Free Write Animation

Where is the story set? What do you think has happened to this world?  Why do you think the man is collecting clocks? Do you think anyone else lives there? What would the little girl say to the man if they had a conversation?

Here are some suggestions:

  • You could write a story to retell the events in the video.
  • You could write a prequel to reveal what happened to the world to cause the flood.
  • You could write a detailed description of this underwater world.
  • You could write a conversation between the two characters.



In R.E this week, we're continuing to look at what Christians believe about life and the afterlife. Complete the activity below in your workbook. 

R.E Activity



There are lots of fantastic lessons online at the moment and BBC Bitesize are posting new lessons everyday. 

Try to complete this Music lesson where you will learn more about tempo, duration and Beethoven. 

Music Lesson

Thursday 30th April

Collective Worship


The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will be leading an assembly at 10am this morning. Follow the link below to watch live or you can watch on the Oak National Academy website after it has been aired. 

   Collective Worship 10am


Each week I will post a story for you to listen to or read for pleasure. Last week was Shakespeare's birthday, so I have a chosen a retelling of one of his plays. The BBC asked famous authors to write their own versions of a play and they came up with some very imaginative ideas. Pick one that you think looks interesting to listen to. 

Shakespeare Retold

You may also enjoy this version of Shakespeare's play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' that CBeebies filmed. 

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Wednesday 29th April

Morning Year 6, 

Thank you for sending work through to me. Remember, if you need help with something, email me and make it clear which question or task you're struggling with. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I will update the work gallery regularly so keep checking to see what everyone has been up to. 


Please read through the extract from Flood World again and answer the questions below.

Flood World

Word  Detectives

  1. How does the author describe ‘The Spur’?
  2. What has happened to London in this story?
  3. Which buildings does Joe see under the water?
  4. What is Joe searching for in the water?
  5. What shocked Joe at the end of the extract?


Today is our last day on angles and you need to complete the lesson on angles in regular polygons. The extension is a short review of angles to see what you’ve learnt over the past few days.

Angles in Polygons video Wednesday Maths Worksheet 

Angles extension 


Wednesday English


This term, we are completing a project on South America. After last week I hope you can confidently name the continents and oceans that make up our world. This week your task is to learn the countries in South America and their capital cities. There are only 13 countries so it shouldn't be hard to learn them all. 

Geography task - South America Map of South America


Have a go at this anagram spelling game. The letters are all mixed up and you need to put them in the right order. All of the spellings are from the Year 6 tricky spelling list.

Spelling anagram game

Tuesday 28th April


Today is a chance for you to catch up on some of the work you have at home. In the afternoon, try to complete the art activity below. We will be focusing on different Latin American artists in the next few weeks. Our first artist to look at is one of my favourites, Frida Kahlo. 

Tuesday Art Task

Monday 27th April

Hello Year 6,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and you're ready for another week of work. It was great to speak to so many of you on Friday. I know it's tough to work from home but keep up the hard work so you can continue the fantastic progress you were making in school. 


This week we will focus on an extract from 'Flood World' by Tom Huddleston. It is about Joe and Kara who live in a sunken city. Today I would like you to read through the extract and write a definition for each of the words below. Make sure you put each of the words into a sentence. 

Flood World Chapter 1


Notorious –

Petering out –

Rickety –

Undulating –

Cavernous -



In Maths this week, we will continue to focus on angles. The first lesson is on angles in quadrilaterals. Use the video to support your understanding and have a go at the extension if you have time.

 Video - Angles in a Quadrilateral Monday worksheet Maths extension 


This will be our last week on ‘The Arrival’ and we will focus on the end of the story. Today the focus is on an informal letter and the video above will show you the part of the story that we’ll be looking at.

English Monday 



We will continue to revise the topics that we've covered in Science so far this year. This week, the focus will be on the theory of evolution which we learnt about in the Autumn term. The lesson below is from the Oak National 



Lesson 2 Video   Angles in a Triangle worksheet  

World Map Activity   Map template   



This week we're thinking about our community and the quote above. How are people around you showing compassion at this difficult time? Your task for PSHE is to write a letter of thanks for someone who is helping others. This could be to someone who is working for the NHS, a family member who is supporting someone vulnerable or to all those people who are raising money for charities at this time. Think carefully about how they're helping our community and what you would want to say to them to show your thanks. 


 Work Gallery

Ruby's portraitJaden-Lee's portrait

Francisco's bookmark

Sebastian's delcious baking



Ziva's delicious baking

Anna's collage based on Rousseau

Soriyah's abstract artJaden-Lee's illustrated map

Ruby's LetterZiva's Portrait

Sara's South America ResearchSara's beautiful artwork
Jaden-lee's english work
Mesha's V.E Day PosterMesha's R.E work
Rafael's wonderful picture for the NHS

Online Resources

FREE online resources

In light if the current Coronavirus outbreak, many places are offering free resourses to help children, parents and schools with home learning see a collection below.


Twinkl are offering parents of children in schools which are closed, or facing closure, free access to all Twinkl resources for a period of one month.

Go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer , register and enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS to find fantastic games and resources for continued learning at home.


Classroom secrets - Classroom secrets have added a free learning home resource pack for each year group - https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-home-learning-packs/


Free Audible audio books For as long as schools are closed, we're open. Children everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. https://stories.audible.com/start-listen


Collective Worship

 St Mark's Kennington YouTube



Joe Wicks PE Lessons


Please see below useful websites:

  • Maths skills:


Primary maths pupil workbook

Primary maths tutor workbook